We, Chris and Igor, started our relationship amongst the huge, ancient Redwoods and married in a very large grove back in 2013. The Trees and Nature herself have been a very big part of our world and we have had many magical experiences in the woods together. We both feel that Nature and the Trees lead us to one another, hence our company name, Follow The Trees.

With our company, we want to bring back the idea of theatre being a sacred act and ceremony. We believe the stage is a portal for great knowledge to be shared and we want to give Nature a voice to speak.
We hope you can join us as we remember how precious our Earth is through the many ways we honor her with us, Follow The Trees.

Chris Young-Ginzburg

A veteran dancer and performer since 2002, Chris’s repertoire includes Hip Hop Dance styles such as Popping, House Dance and Footwork. With training and experience in physical theatre, improv theatre, clown, mime, crafting, spirituality and holistic health, Chris displays versatility in her outside interests as well as in her profession proving that she is a well of diversity. In 2015 her husband and she decided to combine their similar passions of art, Nature, fantasy and performance creating their company, Follow The Trees. With their combined talent, they have created a platform where not only her passions can be expressed and shared with the world, but both as well.

Igor Ginzburg

A full stack design consultant with over a decade of experience helping early stage startups and established companies with everything from branding, product design, motions graphics and video.

Igor is contributing to the experience of Follow The Trees by bringing his rich skill set as a digital story teller. He is passionate about creating delightful experiences that excite, connect, support and inspire our human family.


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